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Enjoying the Rugby World Cup 2023 in Toulouse is easy with Tisséo!

2 metro lines, 1 tram line, Téléo, the longest urban cable car in France, nearly 100 bus routes, park-and-ride facilities and cycle parks. Easy, fast, affordable...Thanks to Tisséo, you can go anywhere you want and experience France 2023 to the full in the Ville Rose!

5 matches at Le Stadium

  • Sunday 10th September at 1pm
    Japan v Chile
  • Friday 15th September at 9pm
    New Zealand v Namibia
  • Saturday 23rd September at 2pm
    Georgia v Portugal
  • Thursday 28th September at 9pm
    Japan v Samoa
  • Sunday 8th October at 9pm
    Fiji v Portugal
Bouche de metro dans un stade

Travel to Le Stadium
by public transport

Metro and tram stations less than 10 minutes' walk, shuttle services, buses...

Support the France team in the Ville Rose

France v

New Zealand

Friday 8th September 2023


Thursday 14th September 2023


Thursday 21st September 2023


Friday 6th October

Make the most of Toulouse;
it’s party time in the Land of Rugby

Matches screened live, party zones, the Rugby Village, all the excitement of the games and entertainment throughout the city. Discover the best spots in Toulouse that are not to be missed and fully accessible during the Rugby World Cup with Tisseo

arrêt de bus
Place de parking

Free parking on the doorstep of the city

Nearly 7,000 parking spaces at your disposal

Discover the park-and-ride facilities linked to the metro, tram, Téléo and bus networks, open to all and free for Tisséo passengers! Find out how many spaces are available in real time on the Tisséo App. and the tisseo.fr website! A good reason to leave your car at the gates of the city centre and enjoy stress-free access to matches and events.

Place de parking

Bike + Métro : the perfect combo !

Nearly 600 spaces are available in secure bike racks that you can access free of charge with your Pastel card. Park your bike in any of the 8 bike parks connected to the Tisséo network.

Did you know ? The Tisséo App. also shows you in real time the number of spaces available at VélÔToulouse stations!

Bienvenue, Welcome, いらっしゃいませ

Reach the city centre from the airport or train station

Airport shuttle buses: the quickest option.

This service provides a direct link between the airport, Toulouse city centre and Matabiau station in less than 25 minutes. It operates 7 days a week and runs every 15 minutes or every 10 minutes on the day before and the day after matches played in Toulouse. Fare: €9 one way. NEW! Credit card payment: get on, use your credit card to pay, and travel alone or with friends! Travel with up to 5 people on the same card.

BUS routes Ligne 30 and Ligne 31, which connect to the T1 tram line Ligne T1 connect with the A metro line Ligne A for access to the city centre in around 45 minutes. Fare: €1.80 per journey.

Matabiau station is served by the A metro line. It's a ten-minute walk from the city centre.

arrêt de bus

Toulouse; base camp for the Japan team

The Japan team will be staying in Toulouse and training at Stade Toulousain's Ernest Wallon Stadium. The Japanese national team will play two of their four matches in the group phase at Toulouse's Le Stadium. All of us at Tisséo would like to welcome the Japan team!

Bus à l'aéroport de Toulouse
Application Tisséo

The Tisséo App.

Download the Tisséo App. (free and available in English and Spanish)!

Thanks to its many features (route planner, map, ticket purchase), this is your essential travel companion for the duration of the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Tourisme dans Toulouse

Enjoy Toulouse à la carte or unlimited at discounted rates

Solo or with friends? Here for the weekend or just for the match?

We make it so easy to buy your ticket:

  • At Tisséo ticket offices, from 160 ticket machines in Metro, Tram and Téléo stations, or from our retail partners,
  • Wherever you are with the Tisséo App!

NEW : you can use your bank card or your smartphone, equipped with a contactless payment app, as a ticket on the airport shuttle!

Cabine du télépherique.

Discover Toulouse with Tisséo

The «Ville rose» has plenty of great sites to see and secrets to discover: cultural and architectural heritage, gastronomy, night-life, etc.

Tisséo will help you explore the city by taking you to the main points of interest and must-see tourist sites.

For a panoramic view with the Pyrenees in the background, take a trip in one of the Téléo cable cars. A treasure hunt is available in French and English if you're looking for an unusual outdoor activity.

Need any help?

Need advice on getting around? Do you have a question about our services?

Visit one of our Tisséo offices (Airport, Arènes, Basso Cambo, Jean Jaurès, Marengo-SNCF). Our travel advisors are on hand to provide information and support.

Recognisable by their pink polo shirts, Tisséo staff are on hand throughout the network to help you get to and from Le Stadium and other meeting points on match days.

Agent Tisséo

Tisséo shares the values of rugby: RESPECT

To make the World Cup a celebration, we say NO to sexual harassment and violence.

The Tisséo Team: 100% committed
If you experience or witness anything, call it out so we can sort it out!

Personnes s'enlaçant dans les tribunes